Pilot Confessions

This was one of our subscribers suggestions and a great one at that. He brought it to our attention that all the best flying stories out there are spoken in whispers or reserved for that last beer around dying coals. At risk of exposing and endangering our reputations it's the stories that are not freely shared. 

We'd like to change that with our ANONYMOUS CONFESSION BOX

** For those asking: We are NOT the CAA! **

#Pilotconfession Even now as I look back on my simulator assessment, I get a bundle of knots in my stomach. The voice of the Captain in the right hand seat still seems to be shaking my body, like a comedic scene of someone trying to wake a sleeping friend in a panic to get them

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When your very survival depends on the helping hand of a stranger.Anyone who’s ever been lost in an aircraft will tell you it’s not a pleasant experience. But at night – it’s positively hair raising! And I’m not talking about being “temporarily unsure of one’s position.”I mean well and truly LOST! During daylight there are all

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Another Seemingly Simple DeliveryI was behind in the aircraft we would return in. Trailing because the battery was giving trouble on start up. At Lanseria our home base, getting a Ground Power Unit (GPU) start was no hassle. An assuring guarantee from the mechanics quickly put me at ease. The fact that the battery would charge on

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Confess Here!

Let go of the heavy burdens you've been carrying on your shoulders. The stories you've been dying to share, but terrified to let anyone know it was you.

This is the safe environment you've been looking for. We hope for it to be a learning experience for the readers so spare no detail. We don't doubt it will be entertaining too!

Thank you for sharing!

Please follow the steps below:

Think back over your flying career 

Every pilot has at least one memory they can recall but would be horrified to share it publicly.

Pick the one moment that you've been dying to share

Give us your best 'Oh Sh*t' moment in your own words. Preferably with a lesson to be learnt out of the experience

Leave your anonymous message for all to see

That's right. There is absolutely no way this will get back to you. All comments are 100% anonymous. Remember it's in the name of education. Entertainment is only a byproduct!

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