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startup to shutdown team - Rhett Shillaw- tea

Rhett Shillaw - Author, Host

Rhett began his piloting career at the age of 17 with a somewhat unorthodox approach about becoming a pilot.  It was the adventurous allure of aviation that kept him coming back for more. Starting with scenic seaplane rides in Australia, he reluctantly returned to South Africa. Here, working as a Flight Instructor to build the relevant experience. After two years of hard work, he finally managed to land a dream job flying floats in the Maldives. Still working towards the childhood dream of flying among the Rockies in Alaska.

Startup to shutdown team bronnn

Bronni Bowen - Author

Bronni has navigated a range of different industries, from agriculture to aviation. She is the Editor of Airnews Magazine, Feature Writer and Columnist for HeliOps Magazine, and is Assistant Operations at Yarra Valley Aviation and the Lilydale Flying School. If you thought that wasn’t enough, she now joins Startup to Shutdown, sharing some of her incredible aviation stories and experience. A true jack of all trades, Bronni is busy obtaining her CPL in both balloon and fixed-wing aircraft.

Startup to shutdown Paul Henning

Paul Henning - Podcast Host

Although Paul always felt drawn to aviation, it only became a reality for him later in life. However, he was quick to make advancements through the charter sector. Swiftly taking on the role of Operations and Safety Manager with MCC Aviation. Paul is now an airline pilot based in Pretoria.  Before flying, photography was where he found adventure working for some of the biggest names in entertainment and wildlife TV. His experience is only one of his great assets. A natural leader with a unique perspective, Paul adds a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to our podcasts. 

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