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Instruction: A true test of patience and tolerance

My first paid flying job. One that taught me aviation etiquette, a safety based mindset and people skills all in equal parts. The great thing about instruction is that there will always be work for you. Just take a look on the job market notice boards. All over the world schools and companies are constantly looking for training staff. Apart from the job security, instruction can be incredibly rewarding. 

Especially if you’re in the beginning stages of your career. It gives you the opportunity to solidify the foundations of your fundamental aviation knowledge. Building the invaluable experience required to move onto bigger, better, faster aircraft. 

They say the best way to learn is to teach. Although at times a challenge, there will be those students who show no interest at all. the ones that seem to effortlessly deplete your energy in an instant (often compared to instructing a brick wall). Yet fortunately, the majority of students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching have been beyond enthusiastic. 

People skills are an essential skill to have in any industry. Dealing with a plethora of people from all walks of life helps you learn how to manage individuals and their expectations. The nature of flying ensures that these learning experiences are shared in all kinds of dynamic situations.

If you don’t already know, aviation as a community, is rather tight knit. A small world of type-A personalities. People skills will take you a long way in this game. Networking is critical, but paying it forward when you have the chance is key.

Whenever you have the opportunity to help someone a few steps behind you, offer both hands. One day they might be in a position to do the same for you. You never know.

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