The BEST Pilot's eLogbook Spreadsheet!

If you haven't already noticed, the world is going paperless at an astonishing rate. Not only saving unnecessary waste, but also saving you a huge amount of time and effort. Excel Pilot Logbook helps to ease this electronic conversion process. With an intuitive design and layout, anyone can seamlessly transition into the new digital world of aviation.


For Everyone

This software helps anyone keeping track of their progress.

From Fixed-wing and Helicopter pilots to Drone operators or even Students just starting out.


Easy and Affordable

A simple Microsoft Excel design and technical support when required. The price tag is more than reasonable. 

Also, it's only a Once Off Fee  No Subscriptions!


Quick Transition

No need to sit at a desk for hours on end, painstakingly entering each individual entry. 

Just start with a summary of the paper copy and you're all set!

Get your Excel Pilot Logbook Now!

  • No more time wasted on logbook summaries. 
  • No more tearing out pages, or scratching out errors.
  • No more leaving your logbook at home!

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The reason we love it so much is the simplicity in getting started. No need to punch in each and every entry, which can be unbelievably time consuming. Another saving is when it comes time for logbook summaries. Before, I'd sit down for hours on end trying to get the numbers to match. Now it's all immediately updated and ready to go at the click of a button. If you're looking for an electronic logbook, I highly recommend Excel Pilot Logbook!

Rhett Shillaw

Commercial Pilot/ Flight Instructor